Investing in a pair of shoes


For many people investing might mean buying stocks, bonds, or property. Being a college student, I would rather play it safe and invest on a smaller scale. I usually had never spent to much on shoes, much less on flats. I think the most I ever spent on flats was $50.00 at Steve Madden. However, I read a magazine article that explained the importance of buying a good pair of shoes. I had been debating weather or not to buy the Tory Burch Reva ballet flats for a couple months now. The article made me think of the purchase more of an investment than a splurge. The Reva flats are a classic pair of black ballet flats that are a key piece in a girls closet. They are super comfy,can instantly dress up any outfit, and timeless. I finally purchased a black pair, and am glad I finally did. I have had them for a couple months now, and I have worn them with almost everything. So I guess my advice to you is not to hesitate in spending on a piece that you  know will go great with almost everything in your wardrobe, is good quality, and that you really love.

After all, it is an investment!!


2 thoughts on “Investing in a pair of shoes

  1. Always invest! The qualitys always worth it, and unlike the mass production companies, they actually last for a ety long time!

    I bought a pair of Gucci sneakers 3 years ago for $500ish and I still wear them till this day, never regretted.

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