Glitter to the Rescue

We all have those old ornaments that we keep year after year, and truth is… gets boring. I was going to throw out some of my ornaments, but decided to make a project out of it. We all have glitter, so there you go. Glitter can instantly brighten anything boring, and add a little glitz & glamour. I took some school glue and glittered some ornaments. I am obsessed with them now, and they do perfectly with my little christmas tree. Try this DIY  out! 

Here is what you’ll need:


 I coated the ornament with school glue using a paintbrush.

           Then I poured the glitter all over the ornament, until fully coated. 


Here I took a bigger ornament, and striped the glue on. I love the pattern on this ornament because some of the pink is still shown!


                                       I got a little carried away and decided to glitterfy some candles too…you know how I love my glitter!




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