New Year,New Closet!

So……one of my new years resolution was to clean out my closet. I always avoid cleaning my closet out because I don’t like getting rid of my stuff…I grow attached to things easily, so it all piles up over the years. I finally got around to cleaning out my closet after noticing how my closet was beginning to devour my clothes…and taken to Narnia.  The easiest way to clean out your closet if putting everything out on your floor, and organizing it into a yes and no pile. It took a lot for me to get rid of some things, but lets face it….I  am never going to wear my army capris again!! My closet looks so much better now, and I have a great excuse to go shopping!!! After cleaning out my closet, I made a shopping plan for clothes I need, and budgeted out how much I want to spend on each item. I must admit cleaning your closet can be dreadful, but this year I wanted to start of fresh and reinvent my wardrobe!!



5 thoughts on “New Year,New Closet!

  1. Yes…its so hard for me to get rid of things…to me its like giving away my children! By the way…love your blog!!!
    ❤ Priscilla

    1. I have to do it again…I’ve compiled more clothes I don’t wear anymore!! It can be a vicious cycle.

      Thank’s for reading 😀

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