Rainy Day: Outfit of the day



 Trench Coat: H&M

Dress: George

Booties: Stradivarius

Big Necklace: Zara

Little Necklace: Accessorize




Flower Power

Hair of the day lol! This weekend, I purchased this awesome flower crown at the Clothes Show Live event in Birmingham. They also sell these at Old Spitafields market, and at poppydaisy.com! I’m loving this color 🙂


Outfit of the day: PINK

It keeps getting colder here in London! So, naturally I keep adding layers of clothes! Here is my outfit of the day 🙂
I usually wear a lot of black, but add a contrasting color. My favorite coat at the moment is this bright pink one by H&M ❤️ Actually, everything I’m wearing is by H&M lol! Feel free to leave my comments and blog links!


Feels Like Fall <3

Unlike Southern California, we actually have proper Fall weather here in London! It is both a curse and a blessing. Mostly a blessing.  I love Fall fashion, and have been doing some light shopping here in London……..and by light I mean I have been in control of my shopaholic habits…..partly due to how expensive everything is in London. Not to mention the Dollar to Pound exchange(I could cry). Anyway, here is another OOTD type post. Hope you like it 😀


Clothes and Coffee: OOTD

I recently started following an instagram account called coffeenclothes, which I think is an awesome concept. People post pictures of their coffee, and clothes, and use the hashtag #coffeenclothes. What do you know???!! My two favorite things in the world! Its kind of like a outfit of the day post, but with your coffee! Anyway, I thought I would share my little coffee N clothes post I did today (inspired by Autumn). Let me know if you like these kinds of short but sweet type posts, and I will keep posting more. Don’t forget to follow me on all my other social media platforms, and share with your friends 🙂 

Xoxo, Priscilla 

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