Shoe Heaven at Liberty

IMG_5646 IMG_5648

Dying over these Saint Laurent booties!! My dream shoes ❤ Because a girl can’t have enough pink or glitter in her closet!!


IMG_5649 IMG_5650


Can I just say, this shoe is truly a piece of art. It is just so beautiful(swoon), I don’t think I would want to wear it out and risk ruining them!!!! But then again, if I had the privilege of wearing Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic shoe, who knows, I could probably rule the world!

A girl can dream right?? 😀



Paris is always a good idea

My little sister came to visit me in London for the holidays, so naturally we took a weekend trip to Paris. I took her to see all my favorite spots, and also took her to some of the hidden gems I’ve discovered while lost. I don’t know what is it, but this city always feels so magical and full of cliches(which I love) Sometimes I feel like in my past life I was Parisian, and every time I visit Paris, I feel like I’ve found what I’ve  been missing. There is nothing better then showing a loved one Paris for the first time. We had a great weekend, and I hope to come back soon.

Paris…… Je t’aime ❤ 


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Swedish Fashion Exhibition

A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Paris. A friend of mine took me to l’institut Suedois in Le Marais. There was an exhibition on Swedish fashion. It was very interesting, they had some amazing pieces, and also photography. Some of the dresses were made of paper, and some of them were knitted pieces.

IMG_4772 IMG_4769 IMG_4767 IMG_4766 IMG_4765 IMG_4762 IMG_4761 IMG_4760

Latte of the day <3

Oh My God! I died and went to heaven. So I went to Fernandez and Wells at Somerset house here in London. I ordered my usual latte, and also their Marrakech Orange Cake (with rose petals).  It was the best cake I have ever eaten! If you guys are ever in London, definitely stop by this coffee shop!


Horst Exhibit: V&A

For  one of my classes, we went on a field trip to the Victorian & Albert museum. They had an exhibit on Horst, the father of fashion photography.

It was a collection of photographs throughout his successful career as a photographer. I really enjoyed it, and think that he was truly amazing at what he did. He captured the elegance and glamour of the women in his pictures.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but here are some of my favorites!! Enjoy 🙂




Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.25.28 AM

In one of my classes we are researching Androgyny, and we have been looking at its origins in fashion.  So these are some photos that I thought were androgynous:




Moved to London!

So for the past 2 months I’ve been living in London!

I am studying abroad here for the semester. I have been lucky enough to explore this amazing city all over again! There is so much going on all the time, and you can never get enough of London.

The first week I was here, the University gave us a tour of East London Street Art. There were some amazing works on the streets, and here are some pictures of what I was able to capture:

IMG_4319 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4322 IMG_4323 IMG_4327


Although it’s been quite a while since I visited Paris, I thought I would still share the pictures from my trip.

I visited  Paris for the FIRST time in November. I traveled with three friends, and we were there for a week. It was a dream come true for me, and words cannot explain how excited I was to finally visit the city of love! I went to countless boulangeries, ate an infinite amount of croissants, and lost count of all the macarons I ate.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the magical city, enjoy!

IMG_0995 IMG_0521 IMG_0527 IMG_0530 IMG_1056 IMG_1060 IMG_0643 IMG_0618 IMG_1065 IMG_1079 IMG_1099 IMG_0699 IMG_0692 IMG_0892 IMG_0953 IMG_0944 IMG_0933 IMG_0988 IMG_0992 IMG_0995

IMG_0994 IMG_0732 IMG_0967 IMG_0982 IMG_1189 IMG_1192 IMG_1226 IMG_1231